Arc Flash Hazards Analysis  
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Arc Flash - one of the newest recognized workplace hazards

Free – Get an 20 page detailed description of Arc Flash Hazards (see below)


Arc Flash Hazards  - Its all a matter of RISK REDUCTION 

Analysis is now MANDATORY per OSHA 29 CFR part 1910 subpart S

Consulting Services 

We provide our clients with complete engineering services for electrical system analysis using state-of-the-art tools. Established over 25 years ago, we will work with you to determine how best to provide a safe workplace. This includes risk assessment, hazard remediation and personnel training.  

What is an Arc Flash?

An electrical explosion.

Why do I need to do an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis?

To protect your workers and contractor personnel.

Who says I have to provide protection?

OSHA requires the compliance with NFPA 70E“Flash hazard analysis shall be done before a person approaches any exposed electrical conductor or circuit part that has not been placed in an electrically safe work condition.”

What is required?

Conduct an electrical system engineering analysis to determine what degree of arc flash hazard is present.

Where do I start?

Take a quick assessment by reviewing our hazard assessment checklist. Then call or email Pfeiffer Engineering Co., Inc.

What is required?

  • Arc flash hazards must be assessed.

  • Obtain appropriate PPE for non-prohibited work

  • Assessment results must be documented

  • Personnel must be trained, understand the hazards, and take appropriate action.

  • Warning labels must be applied to equipment that has a hazard above the base established for the facility.

  • Analysis should be reevaluated if the standards, PPE types, or system configuration changes.

OSHA News Releases - Violations:

$193,500 - Milwaukee Company [PDF]

$148,500 - Patrick Cudahy, Inc. [PDF]

$140,000 - Harlan Electric Co. [PDF]

$115,000 - Team Electric Co. [PDF]

$88,200 - Newnan, GA Manufacturer [PDF]

White Papers:

An Important Tool in Fire & Electrical Accident Investigations [PDF]

Understanding Arc Faults and Arc Flash Hazards [PDF] An 20 page report (updated 2008)

Principals of Electrical Grounding [PDF]

The Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter [PDF]

Important Reference documents:

Incident energy Production - Stoll [PDF]

Arc Flash Suppliers:

W. H. Salisbury

Oberon Company

Graphic Products Inc. - Labels


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