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Engineering is . . .
  • a profession

  • the practical application of scientific knowledge

  • also an art . . . the art is in the execution

    • Itís the ďHowĒ

    • Itís Imagineering (A phrase coined by Walt Disney)

    • Itís what we do

Itís creativity in the designs, the documentation, and the execution.

The Art of Engineering begins with a . . .

Project Definition

  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • What are the problems that are to be solved?
  • Who are the project owners?
  • Who are the project customers?
  • What are the benefits of the project?
  • Is senior management involved?

Who is going to formulate the answers to these basic questions? Thatís where we often begin, helping the client answer these and other basic questions. If there not answered, the project is doomed from the beginning.

Whatís next?

The basic answers from above are converted into a . . .

Project Scope

  • Definition of the current process
  • Definition of the proposed changes to the process
  • Benefit analysis
  • Implementation Plan
  • Cost estimate

The Project Scope documents what is to be included the Project and what will not be included.

From here the Project Scope is converted into a . . .

Functional Specification

  • Defines the project explicitly as to who provides what and when
  • Defines the the expectations
  • States the quality and performance required
  • Can be used as a bid document





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