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Pfeiffer Engineering

Serving the community with Accident Investigation & Forensic Engineering

Arc Flash - one of the newest recognized hazards (see below for more information)


Consulting Services 

Pfeiffer Engineering Co., Inc. has a long history in accident investigation and forensic engineering service going back to before the company was founded.  John C. Pfeiffer, P.E., principal engineer, has practiced in the field of forensic engineering since the early 70s with nearly 140 investigations completed or still in process.

Investigations cover a wide variety of causes from product failure, material properties, and software inadequacies to human errors. Besides assisting in investigations we can help in determining corrective action to prevent the reoccurrence of similar accidents and   rebuilding systems after the fact.

The best practice is to be proactive and assess vulnerabilities of existing or new systems to potential accidents and failures before they happen. To this goal, we can assist in performing risk assessments and compliance with national codes and standards.

Field of Expertise:

  •  Arc Flash

  • Electrical

  • Power

  • Electrocution

  • Electric Shock

  • Industrial Control Systems

  • Equipment & Machinery Control

  • Control Software

  • Process Instrumentation and Control


  • Electrical System Involved in Fires

  • Arson Investigations elimination of electrical causes

  • Static Electricity

  • Explosions Electrical/Static Electrical causes

  • Fraud involving electrical systems


Other Services:

  • Assist in Problem Correction/Remediation


  • Facility reconstruction


  • Electrical disconnect failure arc flash

  •  Child Electrocution

  •  Chemical Plant Explosion

  •  CNC machine failure resulting in death of operator

  • Software defect resulting in burns

  •  Maintenance supervisor's fraudulent activities in subcontracting work

  •  Fire investigation assisting in arson investigation

White Papers:

An Important Tool in Fire & Electrical Accident Investigations [PDF]

Understanding Arc Faults and Arc Flash Hazards [PDF]

Principals of Electrical Grounding [PDF]

The Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter [PDF]


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