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Pfeiffer Engineering Company's vision is “to become the most sought-after engineering solution provider for difficult applications because of our diverse capabilities and proven execution methods.” We are deeply committed to providing service as a means of achieving our vision.

Low initial cost does not always provide the best value. It's just part of the picture. The cost to startup and keep the system up and available for production is what counts. The values inherent in our designs first aid in the constructability of the project but more important provides a well-documented system that is easy to maintain. Much of the value we bring lies in the details. There is a true ART to engineering that provides added value to the Owner. This art is what we bring.

With over twenty years in business and key staff members with many more years in engineering, we have the requisite experience. Major hardware suppliers have reviewed our capabilities and recognize us as leaders in our field. Many of our projects involve hazardous environments and very difficult project constraints to work around. Dealing with these issues and tight project shutdown schedules is the trademark of our success.

The success of a project lies partly in the talent of the individuals on the project team and partly with execution. We first provide a strong project team, backed up with a well-defined and proven project execution methodology. Our project methodology has evolved over the years as we executed numerous projects. It begins with our proposal document and extends through Project Scope documents, design sequence, system testing, acceptance documents and to the final delivery of our systems. The key to our methodology is communication. We strongly believe in defining what we are providing and expanding this initial definition as the project is defined in detail.

In engineering, quality relates to the designs we produce and the timing in project execution. Our goal for design is to provide a level of detail in documentation that truly aids in maintenance of the system after construction is complete. We strive for uniformity of design, providing details often left out by others and keeping systems simple. The key to being on time is project execution.

Project planning is primarily a function of experience. First, a well-defined project methodology is needed to set the planning framework. Second, understanding of the Owner's needs is paramount. Finally, years of experience in the execution of time critical projects is essential. Key members of our staff have up to thirty-five years of experience in project execution.

The essential part of project execution is bringing a representative from each group having a stake in the project into the Project Team. Often the true owners of the project are left out or have little input until the project is well along. We work with the Owner=s project representative to identify who are the stakeholders and encourage their input on a regular basis.



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