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Our Vision is . . .
. . . to be the most sought after engineering solution provider for difficult applications through our diverse capabilities and proven execution methods.


At Pfeiffer Engineering, we relish the challenge of the tough jobs, the jobs that other firms shrink away from, the jobs that push the capabilities of instrumentation, control, and communications. Our customers come to us with challenges that require creative solutions to meet their technical requirements, budgetary limits, and schedule constraints.


Founded January 1, 1981
Incorporated in the State of Kentucky  October 25, 1982
Dunn and Bradstreet number 08-401-5213
Registered in Kentucky as a Professional Engineering Company since 1993
Registered in Ohio as a Professional Engineering Company since 2003

Certified Member of the Control & Information Systems Integrator Association (CSIA) since 2003

Engineers registered in the following states:

     Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio & Tennessee

When John C. Pfeiffer, P.E. founded Pfeiffer Engineering Company in 1981, he began a quest for fulfilling a vision which he formulated during many years as a process engineer, project manager and development engineer at Bechtel Corporation, Sperry Rand Corporation and ICI Americas. His experiences inspired him to build a company dedicated to the pursuit of quality service and customer satisfaction.

Since its beginning, Pfeiffer Engineering has adhered to a stringent code of principles that reflect John's sincere commitment to customer satisfaction. We are a team-oriented company, both internally and as working partners with our customers. Working as a team with our customers, we provide thorough planning and foresight to ensure timely completion of projects and a smooth modification or expansion of their facilities with minimum production down time. As a result, our customers receive an installation free of cumbersome changes, costly errors, and last minute "surprises."

Pfeiffer Engineering strives to build a solid relationship with its customers, as we want to service their needs both now and in the future. We realize that our success is measured according to our value-added fulfillment of customer's needs. We won't cease operations until our customers are 100% satisfied with the results. At Pfeiffer Engineering, delivering quality in design is our focus and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Our Principles

As a company responsible to its customers, shareholders, and employees, we will:

  • Work with our customers and their engineering and production staff to ensure smooth modification or expansion of their facility and processes, with minimal disruption and production down time.
  • Provide thorough planning and foresight to ensure timely completion of projects, and prioritize items required for projects with critical time constraints.
  • Ensure the safety and health of our customers' personnel, our personnel, the public, and the environment.
  • Provide our customers with innovative designs based upon sound engineering practices.
  • Provide quality in our designs based upon definitive standards as outlined in our Quality Policy.

Our Quality Policy

Quality in design is the key for achieving customer satisfaction. We diligently strive to upgrade our engineering standards, tools and methodologies. Rapid improvements in technology provide new opportunities to advance our efficiency and effectiveness in managing critical projects and allow our customers to realize competitive advantages in productivity, quality and performance. Pfeiffer Engineering provides the expertise to help your company stay one step ahead in this changing environment.

Our goal is to be the best engineering company in our domain and exceed our customers expectations every time. To do this we must:

  • Be on schedule and within budget in all phases of our business.
  • Provide designs that are complete, error free and documented in a manner that is easy to follow by the engineer, installer, and maintenance person.
  • Develop projects and systems that operate at a level which will meet or exceed the performance standards established by our customers.
  • Provide a system of reviews to verify accuracy, validate design intent, assure completeness of design and achievement of schedule.
  • Provide simplicity of operation with consideration for human factors.
  • Provide designs that are uniform throughout the project and consistent with our other projects for the customer and their existing facility.
  • Provide designs which are consistent with established standards of practice and in compliance with regulatory agencies.

Our Location


Pfeiffer Engineering Co. Inc.   2701 Lindsay Ave. Louisville, KY 40206-2222
phone 502.897.1630   fax 502.895.3894

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