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Serving Industry  with Advanced Electrical & Automation Solutions


Our experience in a broad spectrum of applications and industries, combined with a comprehensive range of services, allows us to maintain total engineering and design capabilities. Our goal is to improve our customers' productivity, quality, safety and profits by improving or expanding upon their facilities, processes and control systems.

We offer consulting services to assist our clients in developing their projects. These services consist of developing basic plans, such as, an automation assessment, safety assessment or basic project evaluation. From there we can assist in developing the ideas into detail plans and capital budgets. We recommend following our four step process.

Profiles of our Services:

Project Profiles:

  • Arch Chemicals, Inc. - Power Systems Evaluation [PDF]

    • Extensive field survey of the plant's transformers, feeder cables, power switchgear, large motors, protective relays and circuit breakers. Analyze all distribution systems (69kv through 480v) to determine the capacity of over-current protective equipment to safely open circuits under fault conditions. Develop coordination curves and analyze parallel feeders.
  • Louisville Water Company - Control System Upgrade [PDF]
    • Upgrade and replacement all of the process control systems used to operate Louisville Water Company's two water treatment plants, two principal pump stations and twenty one distributed water pumping stations. Changes in demographics in Jefferson County and the surrounding area over the last decade necessitated that the new system not only solve existing problems but also provide for ease of future expansion.
  • Rohm & Haas, Inc. - Ongoing, Full-Service Engineering [PDF]

    • Rohm & Haas has retained the services of Pfeiffer Engineering continuously since 1984. Over 875 projects have been completed at their Louisville facility. Other locations include West Alexandria and Cincinnati, Ohio. Services include conceptual development, design, software, construction coordination, startup assistance, and training.
  • Eckart America L.P. - Paste Plant Automation Projects [PDF]

    • Design and installation of new process control and automation systems for seven pigment paste manufacturing processes. Increase in demand for higher quality products necessitated new and highly automated process equipment to minimize operator intervention while yielding better quality products with accurate tolerances.
  • Apollo America - Lubricating Oil Blending Plant [PDF]

    • The facility is a highly automated blending plant that was built to supply automotive lubricants and production lubricants for the automotive industries. This was a design/build project that included process electrical and instrumentation design, process design support and development of P&I diagram. We also provided the process control system, all process control hardware, field instrumentation and software.
  • Hillshire Farms - Refrigeration Control System [PDF]

    • Revise the control system of a refrigerated finished product warehouse, freezer and shipping dock. The PLC control logic was modified to replace the existing manual temperature control with automatic temperature control. The defrost controls were also revised and switched from defrosting based upon a fixed time of day schedule per evaporator to defrost after an accumulated run time. Electric power consumption information was obtained from the utility’s meter and used as the basis for demand control.
  • Louisville Gas & Electric Company - Coal Stack/Reclaim Electrical Renovation [PDF]

    • Design and installation of a new electrical distribution system, drive systems, instrumentation and control system for the generation station's 20 year old coal pile stacker/reclaim system. The system is a self-propelled unit that distributes coal to a horizontal pile as an intermediate storage system between barge/train unloading and the boiler feed silos. The unit also reclaims the coal upon request.
  • Rohm & Haas, Inc. -  Power Distribution And Monitoring Upgrade

    • Implementation of a plant wide electrical power monitoring system for the medium and low voltage distributions of a large industrial chemical plant. Monitor three-phase voltage, current, kW, kVA, kVAR, kWh, kVAh, kVARh, power factor, and frequency. Also, the monitors could perform power quality analysis by determining the total harmonic distortion, individual harmonic levels, and K-factor for all voltage and current inputs. The system was able to do waveform capture for power quality and fault analysis. The status of the substation and ground fault relays, and transformer temperature levels were continuously monitored. Services included design, installation, programming, checkout, and documentation of the system.
  • Big Rivers Electrical Company - Flue Gas Desulphurization Control System Retrofit [PDF]

    • Complete redesign of operator control station. Provide centralized alarming, data collection, and a fully redundant control architecture. This system replaced numerous discrete analog controls with centralized graphical workstations.



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Detailed Design

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Short Circuit Analysis - Plant steam
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