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Pfeiffer Engineering

Serving Industry with Advanced Electrical & Automation Solutions


We provide a complete range of technical services such as project management, instrumentation, process control, systems integration, safety management, National Electric Code and many others. Our goal is to establish a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences among industry professionals. 

We welcome your comments on the following articles and white papers.

Choosing a Systems Integrator
Design of Power Systems

Motor Feeder Calculations

Determining the True Project Cost

Project Execution Methods
Engineering Service - Are Purchase Orders Appropriate?

Note: The following articles are in Adobe PDF format - they may be too large to view completely with your browser. If so, point at the link, right click your mouse, and save the file on your system. After you save the file, open it with Acrobat Reader - which you can download for free.

Understanding Arc Faults and Arc Flash Hazards [PDF]

The Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter [PDF]

Principles of Electrical Grounding [PDF]

Bridging the IT/Shop Floor Divide [PDF]

Project Execution - A Bad Beginning Makes a Bad Ending [PDF]




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